Kitchen Tips

  • Grind your green chillies with salt and store them in a refrigerator. You can store them for a long time and also it gives better taste to the dish compared to the usage of whole chillies.
  • Store the stems of coriander leaf bunch. You can add them to your rasam or sambar at final step. Keep hot rasam/sambar undisturbed after adding the coriander stems to them. They impart a nice aroma to rasam/sambar. You can either scoop them away before you serve or eat them too.
  • To maximise the health benefits of garlic, chop garlic and leave it aside for 15 mins before using it in your cooking
  • Grind ginger, green chillis n salt together n store in freezer this makes normal cooking fast i also grind ginger n garlic keep it in airtight container in freezer this pasts stays for long time n saves lot of time when cooking
  • If your gravy is too salty then just put a peeled potato in the gravy it will be fine
  • Put lemon peels inside your cooker and steam it for sometime to have a clean inside surface of the cooker
  • Can cut vegetables like Gavar, Val (Broad beans), Beans and keep them in a plastic and freeze them.. use as required. This saves time when cooking...
  • Try to make onion and tomato masalas and freeze in small packets for future use.
  • Chicken can be marinated once bought and freeze it in different packets


Nithya said...

Nice tips. You have a cool collection I guess. keep it going. :)

Neha said...

Thanx Nitiya..
Yep i do have lots of them,years of browsing net..hehe, just needs editing....
Keep checking...