Healthy Kitchen tips

1. Use a wooden board to chop. It will not blunt the knife. Don't use a plastic board, small plastic pieces may go with the vegetables.

2. Avoid the use of ghee. If it is necessary, substitute it with canola oil. Even for making halwa, you can partly substitute it with oil.

3. Avoid deep frying. Substitute deep frying with stir frying or even bake. Don't pour the oil, but make a habit of spraying the oil in utensil for cooking. Heat the utensil first, then add oil. This way oil spreads well. You will use less oil this way.

4.Watch from the oven window to conserve energy because the oven temperature drops by 25 degrees every time its door is opened.

5. Do not fry paneer, immerse it in boiling water to make it soft and spongy

6.Don't throw away the rice water after cooking. Use it to make soup or add it in making dal (lentils).

7.Can use sprouted mustard seeds (rayee) and fenugreek (methi) seeds for your tadkas. Both of them when sprouted have more nutritional values. Also this add flavour to the dish and can be more beneficial, besides giving decorative look to the dish.

8. Don't discard the water in which the vegetables are soaked or cooked. Use it in making soup or gravy.

9.To keep the vegetables fresh for longer time wrap them in newspaper before putting them in the fridge.

10.Chop the vegetables only when you are ready to use them. Don't cut them in too advance. It would spoil their food value.

More kitchen tips coming soon..


Malar Gandhi said...

Thats a whole lot of nice tips, good to know these...

Neha said...

Thanx dear.., Have many more but needs editing..

Khushi said...

I like the topic of this blog - tips on everything. Thanks for posting kitchen tips. I write over at but not in a blogger id.

Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

Lovely tips Neha! Thank you:)

Sonal said...

hey neha, u have mentioned to sprout mustard seeds,,is it possible? please provide the method .
thanks a lot

Rush said...

great tips..can we all contribute?

Neha said...

Sure Rush, Would love to have many more tips..